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Umarex Gauntlet Short Shroud Combo Deal


Upgrade your Gauntlet to this combo deal. In this package you'll get the following:

All for $30 in addition to the suppressor of you choice

This kit works with the .22 caliber Gauntlet as well.

*International Customers, please be aware that if you add this to your cart, there will not be an option to ship your items. If you have other items that are non-restricted, they won't show up either until you remove the restricted item from your cart.


1. Remove the factory shroud by turning the shroud counter clockwise
2. You won't need the factory black baffle but hang on to the spring
3. Remove factory air stripper by pulling it off
4. Put the o'ring onto the DonnYFL air stripper
5. Slide the air stripper onto the barrel
6. Take the short shroud and drop the factory spring down the shroud towards the side that has the adapter
7. Apply some silicone grease onto the air stripper o'ring
8. Slide short shroud over the barrel, once you get to the threaded part in the rear, turn clockwise to tighten the shroud.

To install a suppressor, remove the thread protector from the shroud. Screw on the suppressor

Very important that you include the factory spring, it holds the air stripper in place. Without it, the stripper will fall off and block the ext hole.

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