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The Big Boys are here!!

Are you power hungry but your gun barks louder than the neighbor's angry Chihuahua? Three warriors are here to save the day! First is Sumo measuring in at 1.6 by 6.5 inches. He was the first to arrive and received rave reviews on suppressing even the highly tuned .25 calibers. Next up Ronin. Coming in with a big 2 inch outer diameter (OD) and 6.5 inches long (That's what she said!). He looks big and bold on any gun but not too many guys have the cojones to be seen with him. He has lots of volume and does a job well done. Lastly, you better hide your wife for this one because when you whip out this 8 incher she's going to ask for one too ;) Shogun has the same outer diameter as Sumo but an inch and a half longer. If none of these quiet your gun enough for backyard shooting, then your gun shouldn't be shot in the backyard.


Thank you for making Sumo the hottest selling PCP suppressor!

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