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250 Yard shot with Ronin

Congrats to Billie for currently being in 1st place in the golf ball long range competition!

Quietest Airgun Suppressor!

I love getting emails with feedbacks from my clients but when they go out of their way to make a video about it, is just pure awesome. Thank you Urban Airgunner!


This is the best suppressor that I have seen yet. The Customer service, politeness, and immediate response and shipping is awesome.

Robert Nowlin

Hands down the best airgun silencer on the market, tested all 3 donny has to offer and wow, turn your rifle into a back yard friendly beast.
Well made, ez to clean, perfect in every way, you get your moneys worth and then some. Don't wast your hard earned money on trying other silencers, just take everyone's word for it and get a donnyFl you won't regret it.

Dan C.

I ordered one of the first SUMO's to be shipped from Donny. I currently own 4 of his previous carbon fiber design's a tall boy, a 6" x 1.5" standard, a fat boy, and an original Donnyfl 6" ldc. I also own the well known HW moderator among others with a total of 8. I didn't think an air rifle could be any more quiet than with a tall boy or fat boy on the business end. That is until I screwed the SUMO on and pulled the trigger! I will admit I always called bull shit when I read people saying the only noise they heard was the hammer slap and the pellet hitting the target. After receiving and using the SUMO I must admit they could have possibly been for real as thats the only way I can describe the effectiveness of the SUMO. By the way this is from a .25 caliber Vulcan bullpup running at 52fpe not some weak 12fpe .177. Thank you very much to the crazy asian mastermind and anyone reading this if you are on the fence you will not be disappointed.

Zachary Hoy