Hi Donny,

You and I spoke on the phone over a year ago and with the number of people you speak with I wouldn't expect you to remember me. Today I received your Sumo LDC. I do not easily part with $150 but the product looked great and the reviews convinced me to give it a try.  

I am a compressor, PCP, and LDC aficianado. I've tried many types and makes of LDC's from private manufacturer to import manufacturers from Europe. The gold standard of LDC's everyone raves about and which costs the most is the Huggett. I won't enumerate all of the brands I've tried, but I've tried many so I think I'm qualified to render my opinion.  

To put it plainly, I think your Sumo design is the highest quality LDC on the market at any price. There is nothing about it that doesn't equal or exceed any LDC from any commercial manufacturer.. I've heard others that do as good a job of quieting as the Sumo, but none any better nor none better designed and with better fit and finish. The Sumo is the benchmark in LDC's IMHO.  Thanks for the quick processing and immediate shipping too.  

Steve L