Niksan Defence company entered the industry as a modest, small business in the 1970s. The company produced many types of hunting products especially shotguns, blank-signal pistols and fishing products. In the early 2000s, the company supplied parts to almost all the companies in our industry with the plastic injection machines acquired and the molds it has produced in-house.

The company, serving its industry with more than 90 high technology plastic machines and CNC machines 2 factories with 11.000 square meters closed area that were built in Beyşehir Industrial Zone and Üzümlü in the years of 2015-2016, also with more than 800 molds of its own and 185 experienced employees, is realizing projects with TSK (Turkish Army) and the other armies with the help of high-level security certifications and special productions permits it owned.

Niksan Defence company, which celebrates its 40th year under the leadership of our founder, master, ancestor Mr.Niyazi KUZ will continue its investments new projects, and growth without slowing down.