UTG PRO 30mm Picatinny Scope Rings



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UTG PRO 30mm Picatinny Scope Rings

Product description

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., these scope rings feature precision machining, tight tolerances and superior material strength providing a seamless ring-to-scope integration. The low-profile locking side plate is controlled by dual spring-loaded guide rods that offer the most precise fitting to the rail. The Torx screws lock the side plate and ensure a repeatable zero. These rings are rated for use on up to a .50 BMG.

UTG medium-profile Pro Picatinny scope rings are designed and made in the U.S.A. The POI rings are 30 mm at center height and fit optics ranging in objective diameter up to 59 mm.

The innovative precision optics are machined for a precise inner ring surface that achieves seamless ring-to-scope interaction. And, to ensure secure and repeatable zero hold, the low-profile and flush-fitting locking side plate is controlled by dual spring-loaded guide rods that interface with the rail via torx screw locking. To eliminate the possibility of movement from recoil vibrations, the integrated recoil stop interfaces with the Picatinny slot with complete surface contact.

What does all of this engineering mean for you? Worry-free shooting, no re-zeroing, and quality hardware for your scope.

UTG Pro (Precision Optics Interface)

  • Made in the USA
  • 30mm Picatinny scope rings
  • Medium profile
  • Precision machined, aluminum and steel construction finished with hard coat anodizing
  • Integral squared recoil stop
  • Low-profile torx locking slide plate with dial spring-loaded guide rods
  • Live fire recoil repetition tested
  • Inner ring surface is precision machined
  • 30 mm diameter
  • 30 mm center height
  • 22 mm width
  • Includes: 2 ring pieces, each equipped with 4 torx screws
  • Medium ring saddle height: 15mm
  • High ring saddle height: 22mm


Medium M134 High M133
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