FX Impact M3 | .35 Caliber | 800mm Barrel | Black

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FX Impact M3 | .35 Caliber | 800mm Barrel | Black

Product description

The FX Impact defines what a modern airgun can be, offering a rifle without limits. The FX Impact M3 is a once-in-a-generation rifle that advances and evolves to push the boundaries of what compressed air can achieve. With groundbreaking advancements, upgrades, and an unwavering focus on creating the most advanced, accurate, and capable airgun you’ll ever shoulder, the Impact M3 sets a new high standard.

Key Features:

  • 800mm FX Smooth Twist X Superior (STX) Barrel System: Delivers exceptional accuracy and performance.
  • Fully Shrouded Barrel with Stackable Moderator: Ensures quiet shooting and optimal sound suppression.
  • High Fill Pressure: 250 BAR (3,625 PSI) Max Fill Pressure for extended shooting sessions.
  • Quick Tune System: Allows for virtually tool-free adjustments, making it easy to fine-tune performance.
  • Improved 72cc Power Plenum 720: Offers a wider range of power adjustment for various shooting needs.
  • Convenient Fittings: Equipped with a male quick disconnect fitting for easy refilling.
  • Sidelever Cocking: Reversible forward-mounted side lever cocking for ambidextrous use.
  • Removable Air Cylinder: 580cc carbon fiber air cylinder, with additional cylinders sold separately.
  • Versatile Mounting Rails: Picatinny/Weaver optics mounting rail with 20 MOA compensation, and Picatinny accessory rails below the cylinder and on each side of the forearm.
  • Match-Grade Trigger: Two-stage adjustable match trigger for precise shooting.
  • Improved Pressure Gauges: Wika dual pressure gauges for air cylinder pressure and second regulator pressure, with the first regulator featuring a standard FX gauge.
  • Adjustable Butt-pad: Height adjustable rubber butt-pad for added comfort.
  • AR15-style Components: Hogue pistol grip and manual safety in AR15 style.
  • Interchangeable Calibers and Barrel Liners: Customizable with separately sold calibers and barrel liners.
  • Dual Adjustable AMP Regulators: Externally adjustable for match precision.
  • Adjustable Hammer Spring Tension: New macro and micro-adjustments for fine-tuning.
  • Adjustable Valve Control: Externally adjustable for optimal performance.
  • High Capacity Magazine: Side shot magazine with an 18-round capacity.
  • High Performance: Maximum muzzle energy of 156 FPE and maximum velocity of 930 FPS with 81 grain pellets.
  • Extended Shooting: Up to 45 shots per fill.
  • Warranty: Includes one side shot magazine and a 3-year transferable warranty.

Important Information:

  • Intended Use: This product is designed for airgun enthusiasts and professionals who demand the highest level of performance and accuracy.
  • International Shipping: Please check with the seller for international shipping options and restrictions.
  • Return Policy: Please review the seller's return policy for details on returns and exchanges.

Upgrade your airgun collection with the FX Impact M3 .35 Caliber and experience unparalleled performance and innovation. Order now and take your shooting experience to the next level!

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$2,049.99 $2,249.99 -9% OFF
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