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Hatsan QE 1/2 x 20 UNF Adapter #A24

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  • Matte black Anodized
  • CNC
  • Includes knurled thread protector
  • Compatible up to .30

Compatible with the following guns:

Hatsan Gladius
Hatsan Flash Wood QE
Hatsan AirMax
Hatsan Bullboss QE
Hatsan BT65 QE
Hatsan Nova QE
Hatsan AT44-10 QE
Hatsan Hercules QE
Hatsan Flashpup QE
Hatsan AT P1
Hatsan Flash QE

Please note: I highly suggest getting a suppressor one size up from what your gun is. For example if you have a .25, get a .30. If you have a .30, the .30 cal suppressor is fine. This is to minimize the chance of the gun clipping.

Also if you have a Hatsan Bully .25/.30, based on customer's feedback I would go with the Emperor.


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