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Edgun R3M and R3 Degasser Tool


This tool makes degassing the Edgun R3M and R3 safe and easy. It also acan also be used to pull out the regulator.


  • before screwing the tool onto the Edgun, back out the screw a little to allow the valve pin to go into the tool. 
  • screw the tool onto the valve
  • Using the blue knob slowly screw into valve pin. You'll start to hear a hissing noise and that's the air being released. 
  • once empty, your gauge should be down to zero
  • to remove the regulator, make sure the gun is completely empty. Unscrew the screws holding the regulator in place.
  • Once all the screws are out, screw the degasser tool onto the valve and pull it out of the air tube

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