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Leshiy Extended Shroud Kit V2 for Standard 250/350 mm Barrels #M9


This new V2 Leshiy baffle kit is now compatible with 250mm and 350 mm barrels. In this new redesign, the middle platform is lower compared to V1 allowing you to put more dampening materials.

Compatible with .177 .22, .25 and .30

  • CNC machined
  • Matte black anodized
  • Dampening material is not included. You can easily put felt or foam in there.

Please note* Make sure to tighten the front cap really hard. Grab onto the extended shroud and tighten the cap. You want to compress the Oring as much as possible to prevent the metal baffle from moving. If it moves it will sound like a loud hammer slap.

*Airgun use only

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